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Mytokens are special tokens for the mytoken service. They are similar to OpenID Connect Refresh Tokens because they can be used to obtain Access Token. Mytokens are Bearer Tokens and can be handed to other applications so that they can easily obtain valid Access Tokens without any other mechanisms. Mytokens cannot only be used to obtain access tokens, but other actions are possible. What can be done with a specific Mytoken is defined by its Capabilites.

Mytokens can be restricted in several ways (see Restrictions), e.g. to be valid only for a limited time, but a mytoken can also be unrestricted.

Mytokens can be obtained through different authentication mechanisms at the Mytoken Endpoint.

The JWT Mytoken

Usually a mytoken is a signed JWT (note, that other representation as described below are possible). A mytoken has the following claims:

Claim Necessity Description
ver REQUIRED The token version this mytoken uses. This specification might change over time and therefore also the information encoded in a mytoken. The version helps applications to pass the mytoken. The current version is 0.4.
token_type REQUIRED; MUST be mytoken. Indicates that this token is a mytoken. Useful if applications can be used with multiple tokens, e.g. OIDC Access Tokens and Mytokens. This claim can be used to distinguish them.
iss REQUIRED URL using the https scheme with no query or fragment component that the mytoken instance asserts as its Issuer Identifier. This MUST be identical to the issuer claim advertised at the configuration endpoint.
sub REQUIRED The subject of this token (i.e. an identifier for the subject user). It MUST uniquely identify the user. This specification does not mandate how the server creates the subject; one way is to combine the OIDC subject and issuer.
exp REQUIRED iff the token expires The time when this token expires.
nbf REQUIRED The time when the token can be used for the first time.
iat REQUIRED The time when the token was issued.
auth_time RECOMMENDED The time when the user performed the OIDC flow to obtain the linked OIDC token
jti REQUIRED A random and unique identifier.
seq_no REQUIRED A sequence number for this mytoken. It is used for token rotation and therefore only relevant when token rotation is enabled.
aud REQUIRED MUST be the server's issuer URL.
oidc_sub REQUIRED The subject claim for this user at the given OpenID Provider.
oidc_iss REQUIRED The issuer URL of the OpenID Provider for whom Access Tokens should be obtained.
restrictions OPTIONAL An JSON Object defining the restrictions for this token. See Restrictions.
capabilities REQUIRED A JSON Array of capabilities for this token. See Capabilities for details and a list of the possible values.
subtoken_capabilities OPTIONAL Only allowed if capabilities has create_mytoken. A JSON Array of capabilities that defines which capabilities a subtoken created with this mytoken can have. If omitted, a subtoken can have the same capabilities as the original token, i.e. the one listed in capabilities.
rotation OPTIONAL A JSON Object describing the rotation policy for this mytoken. See Rotation.


    "ver": "0.4",
    "token_type": "mytoken",
    "iss": "",
    "sub": "E0Cr0NTVuBVGJo5wvry4a63qM3Aedlgk+iseXTUEOPw=",
    "exp": 1672481471,
    "nbf": 1643763722,
    "iat": 1634116589,
    "auth_time": 1632112589,
    "jti": "50bb3a97-5480-4ff5-9373-25589bb8dab2",
    "seq_no": 1,
    "name": "Example",
    "aud": "",
    "oidc_sub": "example",
    "oidc_iss": "",
    "restrictions": [
            "nbf": 1643763722,
            "exp": 1672481471,
            "scope": "openid profile email eduperson_entitlement",
            "usages_AT": 1
    "capabilities": [
    "subtoken_capabilities": [
    "rotation": {
        "on_AT": true,
        "lifetime": 1000000,
        "auto_revoke": true

Short Mytoken

A JWT mytoken can get quite long. For situations where a shorter token is required a Short Mytoken can be used. As the name suggests a Short Mytoken is much shorter. While normal JWT mytokens are defined as a JWT, short mytokens are opaque to clients.

A short mytoken can be used, created and revoked just like a JWT mytoken, in particular a short mytoken can be used everywhere where a JWT mytoken can be used.

Transfer Code

A transfer code is a short code that can be used to transfer a mytoken, e.g. to another machine. A transfer code is only valid for a limited time (5min) and can only be used once. When the transfer code is used the linked mytoken is returned and the transfer code is invalidated.

A transfer code can be created for an existing mytoken at the transfer endpoint, but it is also possible to directly obtain a transfer code from the mytoken endpoint when creating a new mytoken.

Last update: August 23, 2022 06:19:07
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