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Frequently Asked Questions

About Mytokens and other Concepts

What is the format of a mytoken

By default mytokens are represented as JWTs. Refer to the technical details for

information about the encoded data. For use-cases where shorter tokens are needed a mytoken can also be represented as a short mytoken - a much shorter but opaque string.

What is the difference between a mytoken and an OIDC refresh token?

Indeed mytokens and refresh token are related. One can see a mytoken as a proxy to the refresh token. The mytoken server uses the refresh token in the background and stores it securely; the user receives the linked mytoken.

There are two main differences, between mytokens and refresh tokens:

  • mytokens can be passed around while refresh tokens cannot
  • mytokens can have additional restrictions
What is the difference between the mytoken service and oidc-agent?

Both promise to offer access tokens on the command line. The main difference is that oidc-agent was designed as a local agent. While this has advantages (refresh token never leaves local machine) it also requires each user to have an own OIDC client (or to use a public client). Mytoken with a central mytoken server on the other hand can be used without registering OIDC clients, and the mytoken tokens can also be easily used on multiple devices - therefore also enabling use cases such as usage within long-running compute jobs.

Note that oidc-agent has also support for mytokens, i.e. you can use mytokens with oidc-agent.

About the Client

What is the difference between the mytoken client and oidc-agent?

Both can be used to obtain access tokens on the command by using a mytoken. However, the mytoken client does not manage your mytokens and you have to take care of that yourself, i.e. you have to pass in a mytoken.

oidc-agent stores a "master" mytoken in its agent account configuration and uses it to obtain access tokens and also sub-mytokens.

Where is the config file located?

If the directory ~/.config exists the config file is located inside ~/.config/mytoken otherwise in ~/.mytoken.

About the Server

Can I run my own mytoken server?

Of course. See server deployment for the details.

Getting Involved

Where can I report bugs?

To report a bug or request a feature open an issue at Github (server, client) or write us an email at

Can I contribute to the project?

Sure. We are happy to receive pull requests.

Last update: October 5, 2022 09:50:39
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