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Profiles And Templates


Mytoken profiles and templates allow to pass properties of a mytoken in a shorter an easier way by referecing pre-defined values.


With mytoken server 0.7.0 there was a significant change in the profile concept. Previously, profile and templates were a client-side concept and only relevant for clients (mytoken client, oidc-agent). With server version 0.7.0 this changed: Profiles (and templates) moved to the server. Client side profiles are no longer supported since mytoken client 0.6.0 and oidc-agent 4.5.0.

Mytoken profiles and templates are a way to pass the properties of a mytoken in an easier and more compact way. To achieve this, parts of the request are pre-written and stored as a template / profile on the server. These profiles can be re-used and referenced in requests.

Templates exist for capabilities, restrictions, and rotation. The profile is on a higher level and can contain all properties of a mytoken request and also reference templates.

Users cannot create own templates, but use all existing ones. There are predefined templates and profiles on a mytoken server and communities can be allowed to create their own. To do so contact the administrators of the mytoken server and see the technical information for details.

Profiles and templates can be used in all API requests where this makes sense. Using a profile in a request has to comply to the same rules as writing a profile.

Last update: January 19, 2023 09:11:23
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